Significant 1Password Updates

The team at Agile Bits rang in the new year with some significant updates to 1Password for both iOS and the Mac.

1Password for iOS 6.2

The new iOS version lets you search from anywhere, including the Favorites and Organize tab. They’ve also brought the Watchtower feature to iOS. Watchtower keeps an eye on security vulnerabilities from around the web and lets you know if it thinks you may have a problem. For instance, if you have an online account with at in your 1Password database and they get hacked, 1Password will alert you. I’ve loved that feature on the Mac and am really happy to see it on iOS. 

Finally, for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, they’ve added 3D touch features including Peek and Pop, and a quick action menu on the home screen that lets you create a new item, view favorites, or search 1Password. 

1Password for Mac Version 6

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.58.51 PM.png

Version 6 for the Mac is also here with some notable new features. The new password generator on Mac is both better and easier. It will now also create a random word password, which makes key passwords easier to remember. If you haven’t tried 1Password vaults yet, you should. It lets you segregate your most important data so you can share only the data that needs sharing and segregate everything else. This new version makes managing and viewing your vault data easier with the All Vaults view. Thanks to Apple loosening a few rules, you can now also sync your data via iCloud even if you did not buy your version of 1Password from the Mac App Store.

The 1Password team clearly put a lot of work into these updates. The iOS update is free and the Mac update is free so long as you were already using version 4 or 5. You can learn more and buy 1Password for Mac from Agile Bits or the Mac App Store. You can find 1Password for iOS on the App Store.