Day One 2.0

Following up on yesterday’s post, which concluded that good software developers need to make money in order for good software to continue to exist, the best-in-breed journaling app for the Mac and IOS, Day One, just released version 2.

The new version has an improved user interface and the ability to include multiple photos per entry (up to 10). One of the most interesting new features is the ability to run multiple journals. You could, for instance, have a journal about one of your children and another about your own personal naval-gazing. Those productivity-minded folks could even have journals related to specific projects at the office.

This is in addition to all the great features that Day One has developed over the years including tagging, export, and its remaining bag of tricks.

To a certain degree this is aspirational software. A lot of people pick it up but have trouble sticking with it. Looking through my own Day One journal, my entries are sporadic but even so interesting to see where my head was a few years ago.

This new version tries to smooth over the rough points making it even easier to develop a journaling habit. For me at least, the new user interface alone is enough to get me journaling more often. Using the software brings a certain amount of delight and that always gets me opening an application more often.

Jake Underwood at MacStories did a bang up job with a more thorough review and if you’re on the fence, I recommend checking it out. Frankly, if you’re looking for good journaling software, you don’t need to read any further. This is the best that’s out there for the Mac and iOS. It’s on sale for the next week at half off in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.