My MacBook MenuBar

I’m starting a new post series here at MacSparky where I feature some nerd’s Mac MenuBar with a discussion of some of their favorite cool little MenuBar apps. I’m starting with the MenuBar on my MacBook. So here it is.


While Fantastical has matured into a full-fledged calendar application, it has never stopped being a killer MenuBar application. I add calendar events every day on my Mac with my preferred keyboard shortcut, Control-Option-Command-F. (Website)(App Store)

Apple Time

Putting the time next to the date just makes sense. I don’t use the AM/PM indicator. I know if it is morning or evening … usually.

Carrot Weather

This is one of those apps that I first found on the iPhone. I live in southern California so I don’t normally keep the weather in my MenuBar. However lately we’re getting some very occasional rain and I don’t want to be caught off guard. Once, “storm watch” is over, I’ll remove it, or move it inside Bartender. (Website)(App Store)


Because I often run apps in full screen, I use Dropzone to move apps between screens. There’s a bunch of apps like this but I particularly like Dropzone because you can create little script-like automations. For example, I have one that moves files to my Dropbox action folder. (Website)(App Store)


There are a lot of good Twitter apps. My favorite is Tweetbot. (Website)(App Store)


I’ve been doing some tests lately on my laptop battery so I’ve got percentages turned on. They’re usually turned off.


Bartender is that magic application that lets me hide MenuBar apps inside a second drawer. This is so useful, especially on my small MacBook screen. So here’s my bartender bar. (Website)


Paste is one of a series of clipboard apps I’m testing for a future story here. No recommendations on this app yet. Still testing. (Website)(App Store)

Default Folder X

This is an app I’ve used on the Mac for a long time. It’s a load/save dialogue box enhancement but it also has a handy MenuBar app. (Website)


Man do I love BTT. If you’ve not tried this application, you should. (Website)


With iOS 9.3 and Night Shift, I’ve been curious about Flux, that brings a similar feature to your Mac. I’m not sold and still playing with the settings. (Website)


My precious. (Website)

Script Menu

There’s a lot of ways to fire off AppleScripts but I do like, in a pinch, using the trackpad for script.

Time Machine

Yup. I’m still doing that.

Trip Mode

If you spend any time tethering your Mac to your iPhone, get this app. It allows you to turn off data-hog apps and services when tethered and can make the difference between you busting through your data cap on your next trip. (Website)


You know how you can select text on your iPhone and get options to perform tricks on that text? PopClip does the same for your Mac. (Website)(App Store)


Of course. (Website)


I know a lot of 1Password users that don’t bother with the MenuBar app. They’re making a mistake. The 1Password MenuBar app is great. (Website)(App Store)

About Dark Mode

For giggles a few months ago, I switched my MacBook’s menubar to dark mode. I expected things to break and for it to drive me crazy. It didn’t. I’ll switch it back at some point but if you’ve been hesitant to try Dark Mode, you shouldn’t be.