New TextExpander and Video Series

Smile Software has released a new version of TextExpander. This upgrade has been a long time in the making and is the culmination of a lot of work. TextExpander got a new design and now you’ll store your snippets at There are a lot of advantages to keeping your snippets at To start out, you can now share snippets and snippet groups. The application can do this on an individual basis and also among work teams. This lets management create snippets that are used, for instance, in a customer service department across the company.

This new model also lets TextExpander share your snippets among multiple platforms. You can share your snippets on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and now on Windows. The Windows app is currently in beta but I’ve been testing it and it’s pretty great seeing TextExpander work on Windows. This will be especially nice for those of you stuck using a PC at the office.

I’ve made a series of videos about the new version that you can find here. There are a total of 10 videos and watching these make you a TextExpander pro. They are, essentially, a free MacSparky Field Guide on TextExpander so make sure to check them out.

With all of these changes, Smile has switched TextExpander to a subscription model. I know that makes some users nervous but, frankly, I think it is a good idea. As a fan of productivity software, I’d really like the companies that make my favorite tools stay in business. In order for TextExpander to continue to get the love and attention it needs to make my life so much easier, it needs ongoing support. TextExpander is so worth it.