Anker’s New USB-C Charger

A friend recently turned me on to this USB Type-C charger from Anker. If you’ve got a USB-C charging MacBook, it’s a great investment.

The 60W charger plugs into the wall and offers four USB and and one USB-C charging ports. I use this next to my bedside table, where I nightly plug in my various Apple devices. Previously I was using a standard USB to USB-C cable to charge the MacBook. It was quite slow. The USB-C charging port in this new device charges the MacBook at full speed. The remaining USB ports also use Anker’s PowerIQ to charge devices (like my iPad) at up to 2.4 amps.

I own a few of these devices and whenever I travel, I always take one with me. This new one just became the official MacSparky travel power adapter because of its faster charge rate. There is also surge protection and temperature control. Third party power adapters always felt sketchy to me but over the last few years, Anker has become my go-to brand.