TextExpander Public Groups

TextExpander has a new feature called Public Groups. With it, anyone can offer to share a TextExpander group publicly. There are already several interesting public groups. I have shared my “foreign thanks” group that automatically expands to say thank you in the language of choice. For instance typing “klingonthanks” renders “QA TLHO'” (of course in all caps).

Because the public groups are served up from the TextExpander.com site, when the original author makes alterations to the list, it automatically pushes the change out to subscribers. So if you look at my foreign thanks list and find a language I left out, let me know and I will update it for everyone. I plan on publishing several more of my more useful TextExpander groups through the TextExpander Public Groups in the next month. Keep your eyes out.

If you’re a TextExpander subscriber, I recommend checking out the public groups. You can even subscribe from iPad and iPhone and you’ll find quite a few that are even more useful than my “foreign thanks” group.