1Password for iOS 6.5 Gets an Improved Watch App

This week 1Password released version 6.5 of the iOS app. There are several big improvements including a better onboarding experience and better group management. What really struck me, however, is the new Apple Watch app. It’s what I would refer to in my 80’s vernacular as “a sweet upgrade”.

The new Apple Watch app is a native Apple Watch app taking advantage of the the watchOS 3 update and running much faster. It’s now easy to set up and move key items from any 1Password vault (including 1Password.com vaults) to your wrist. I’ll be using 1Password on my wrist a lot more now. As an example, I still occasionally need to get my credit card PIN number when making a purchase. Now it’s on my wrist.

There has been an evolution with Apple Watch apps. With watchOS 1 and 2, watch apps felt like an experiment more than a finished product. With watchOS 3, Apple Watch apps have the possibility of being useful. That doesn’t mean that they all actually are useful. I think getting the user interface and feature scope on an Apple Watch app is a tricky thing. It’s a small screen and app developers need to think of it primarily as a consumption experience for getting data out of their app. 1Password nails this.