iOS Text Transformations with TextTool 2

TextTool 2 icon.png

Longtime Mac users may be familiar with one of my favorite Mac utilities, Text Soap. The application lets you fix text just about every way possible. That’s great so long as you’re sitting at a Mac, but what about iOS?

There’s a solution for that as well. TextTool 2 (website)(App Store) is an iOS app for iPad and iPhone that has 27 built-in text transformations. There’s a lot this application can do to text on your iPhone or iPad.

• Add/Remove List Markers

• Affix Text

• Change Case

• Comment/Uncomment Code

• Dedupe Lines

• Educate/Simplify Text

• Escape/Unescape Metacharacters

• HTML Entities to Text/Text to HTML Entities

• Indent/Outdent Lines

• Join Lines/Split Text

• Remove First/Last Line

• Search/Replace

• Sort Lines

• Spaces to Tabs/Tabs to Spaces

• Trim Whitespace

• URL Encode/Decode

• Wrap Text Cleanly

If that’s not enough, it also has its own scripting engine (using JavaScript) allowing you to write your own text transformations. I am always working with text that has one sort of problem or another. If you work with text on iOS, get this app.

TextTool 2 (Click to Enlarge)