ScreenFlow Updates to Version 7.0

The best screencasting application for Mac, ScreenFlow, recently released version 7.0. There are several new features in this update including:

UI Input

The user interface has some updates and a new dark theme.

Custom Key Mapping


30 and 60 FPS

You can now bump it up to 60 fps.

Play in Reverse

This is a feature I’ve needed several times over the years and glad to see it’s now in.

Text Animation Effects

Choose from a handful of built-in animation effects for all of your text boxes.

Better Audio

This follows up with audio improvements in version 6. You can now edit mp4 files. There are better mixing tools and support for Apple Audio Units.

Touch Bar Support

The new MacBook Pro Touch Bar now works with ScreenFlow.

ScreenFlow is an essential tool if you have any interest in screencasting. Buy it new at $129. Upgrade for just $39 if you purchased a prior version. If you purchased it in the Mac App Store, Telestream has a mechanism to help you upgrade.