Timeline 3D Updates for iOS

I have always been a fan of the Timeline 3D application. I started using it on my Mac but later switched to iOS as the app went multi-platform. Timeline 3D is an engine to make quick, pretty timelines. I like the way the application makes it easy to add new events to your timeline, and I particularly like the way it renders a finalized timeline in three dimensions. This is a great trick if you give lots of presentations. While the application has been around a long time, it continues to get updated with the latest version going up last month.

They have also made some changes to the business model. The developer renamed the classic application Timeline 3D: Education Edition. That is a paid up-front version. If you already bought it, you’re fine. There is also a new Timeline 3D application that is free to download and uses in-app purchases to unlock all the exporting features. If you are new to Timeline 3D, this is the one to download. It lets you get your feet wet with no cost.