A Few Thoughts on the September 12 Apple Event

Like so many other nerds, I spent several hours today on the couch watching the Apple event. Several observations came to mind:

  • The new campus looks amazing. I’m going to call in every favor I have from friends at Apple to try and get a tour. I know there’s a lot of consternation about how the workspaces are set up at the place does look beautiful.
  • It was really touching how emotional Tim was when talking about Steve. It seems clear to me Steve’s legacy will continue so long as the people that worked with him remain at Apple.
  • It took too long to get Angela Ahrendts on stage but I’mglad they finally did.
  • That Apple Watch heart initiative is going to save lives. Mark my words.
  •  The cellular Apple Watch is interesting. However, they were very coy in talking about what the cellular connection is going to cost you. After the event, we’re finding out it’s generally $10 per month with each carrier. I don’t see myself as an early adopter with the cellular watch. I don’t go anywhere except the ocean and the pool without my phone and when I’m in the water, I have no desire to receive calls.
  •  That being said, if you have an original Apple Watch you may want to consider upgrading. I have the Series 2 and the brighter screen is really nice. Plus, two years of processor upgrades means the entire watch (and Siri) will work significantly better on this Series 3 watch than the original.
  •  About that new AppleTV … If you’ve got a 4K TV and it’s kind of big, you should check it out. Otherwise, move along.
  • Going into the event, I was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to sell the iPhone 8. I was wrong. The iPhone 8 has several nice enhancements over the iPhone 7 and will be a significant upgrade for folks who don’t want to go with the iPhone X. True Tone display, better cameras, the A11 (Bionic!) and 4K video at 60FPS are all significant improvements.
  • Phil Schiller on the iPhone X screen, “First OLED great enough to be in iPhone.” Never change Phil. Never change.
  • I really prefer the announced two-tiered iPhone storage program. 64G and 256G are just right. The previous three-tier system added too much complication that was further aggravated by the fact that for years the lowest tier at 16G was way too small. I feel like the storage being offered now is more of a square deal for consumers.
  • The difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X is that screen, face recognition, a better camera system (image stabilization on both lenses is a big deal), and $300. I’m in.
  • I would not want to be the person to deliver the message to Apple management that the iPhone X can’t ship until November. Ugh.
  • On the topic of the iPhone X ship date, I think the November ship date is only beginning of your quest to obtain an iPhone X. With no inside knowledge whatsoever, expect supply constraints and back orders. The MPU Facebook group did an informal poll and the desire among nerds for the iPhone X is eclipsing the iPhone 8.
  • I think wireless charging is not going to be much of a deal in the end.
  • Did you see the way Craig Federighi dealt with that iPhone snafu? They had a problem demo model, he picked up the backup and continued like a boss. His speaking skills have come so far.
  • There was no mention of ProMotion technology for either new iPhone. That surprised me.
  • The Mac didn’t get mentioned once today. Nada.