The September 12 Apple Event

We’re just hours away from Apple’s big iPhone (and other things) announcement. This event has had a lot of leaks leading up to it but I suspect Apple will still have a few surprises in store of us. Moreover, one of the most important things Apple does at these events is tell their story for their products and services. With a new category of iPhone and some of their other announcements, the way Apple frames the product gives you a ton of information as to how they see things fitting together and which direction they are heading.

As for me, I did not get a golden ticket so I will not be in the Cupertino bunker watching the event live but instead sitting on my couch with a cold drink and my iPad. You can watch the event live on the Apple website and follow me on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting throughout the event.

Also, make sure to spend some quality time with your iPhone in the next few hours because by the time the event is over, you are going to hate it.