Game Pick: Flower

Something I’ve come to realize about myself is that my preferences in video games has changed over the years. When I was younger, I loved “twitchy” games where it always felt like a race to get the bad guys on time, or the starship into battle, or my pod racer to the finish line. These days I prefer games that are more leisurely.

That’s why I was such a fan of Alto’s Adventure. It was meandering. Yesterday, the award winning game, Flower, was released for iOS. Flower is the made for meanderers. I played it for 20 minutes last night and I’m hooked. In Flower, you are the wind. As you move around the environments you can pick up flower pedals and slowly change the environment. I’m not sure my 8-year-old self would have been very interested but the current me is digging it. If you’ve never been a gamer, this may be one worth trying.

I also like the business model. The game is $5 and doesn’t bug you anymore about upgrades, virtual coins, or anything else once you buy it. If you’d like to be the wind this weekend, give Flower a try.