iStat Menus, Version 6

iStat Menus, version 6, is now available. If you’re not familiar with iStat Menus, it is a Mac utility that gives you a ton of system information in your menubar. It’s been in development for years and every update seems to add a few new features that you quickly think you can’t live without. This one is no different.

Version 6 adds a weather applet giving you the current temperature, hourly forecast, and weekly overview. You may have another application already providing you this information, but if you don’t, the weather support iStat Menus is just fine.

The ways in which iStat Menus displays data have also improved. Graphs are bigger, there are more color themes, and overall, this update gives you more information than you had before.


My favorite new feature is the addition of a Notification Center widget. The widget is compact and yet still gives you a great deal of information on your system.

I have been running iStat Menus for years on my system. As a power tip, I keep the iStat Menus menubar items hidden behind Bartender. I don’t feel I need that information visible at all times but appreciate having it only a click away.

You can buy iStat Menus new for $18 or upgrade from the prior version for $10. You can learn more at