Home Screens – Greg Scown


Greg Scown (website)(Twitter) started his programming career at Apple but eventually made his way out of Cupertino and into his the Apple developer community. Greg is one of the owners of Smile Software and is, in addition to being a geek like us, a very nice man. So Greg, show us your home screen.

IMG_0868 2.PNG

What are some of your favorite apps?

1Password, Fantastical, Overcast, and Slack are all long-term faves. Micro.blog is my new/trending favorite, and Tweetbot is a stalwart.

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

Threes, sound on.

What app makes you most productive? 


What app do you know you’re underutilizing?


What is the app you are still missing?

An app (or site) to search podcasts for appearances by a particular guest. Let’s say I want to hear Daveed Diggs. I’d love something which could point me to his appearances on Fresh Air, Morning Edition, Hamilton fan podcasts, etc.

How many times a day do you use your iPhone/iPad?

I constantly use my iPhone, especially when I’m away from my desk. I’ve recently taken to leaving the iPad open and sitting on my desk so that it can be a gentle reminder of when HootSuite notifications come in from Smile’s Twitter accounts.

What Today View widgets are you using and why?

I’m not a Today View power user, so I mostly use it for Siri app suggestions.

What is your favorite feature of the iPhone/iPad?

Beyond the fact that it’s an amazingly powerful computer in my pocket, the likes of which was difficult to imagine just 15 years ago? I’d say the camera, in that having a camera in my pocket allows for spontaneous picture taking which I never did before the iPhone.

If you were in charge at Apple, what would you add or change?

I’d liberate Newsstand and free the trapped New Yorker app.

Do you have an Apple Watch? Show us your watch face tell us about it.

Yes, and I crashed it trying to make a screen shot of my watch face. In fact, I can’t seem to get it to make a screen shot. I use the Utility face with the battery life, activity, and timer complications. I use timers on the watch all the time when cooking. I particularly like them when I have company because they’re discreet, so I don’t have to interrupt conversations with buzzers or bells.

What’s your wallpaper and why?

Sunset in Ixtapa, Mexico. It’s one of my favorite places.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I generally feel that one is meant to learn something from a home screen post, and I’m not sure there’s much to be gleaned from mine. Here’s one thing, though. I put Settings in a prominent spot because I use it for a DIY dark mode so that I can read myself back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night.

Thanks, Greg. Also … thanks for giving me an excuse to link Daveed Diggs at MacSaprky.