MindNode 5 Releases and Screencasts

This week MindNode version 5 released (App Store). This is a great update to an already useful application. MindNode is the application where I finally “got it” concerning mind mapping. I particularly like using it on my iPad. Using mind mapping, I’m able to long-term plan big projects in a way that is more efficient, and frankly better, than any method I’ve ever used before. I talked about this at length on the Mac Power Users episode a few years ago about cooking ideas.

The reason I like MindNode, in particular, is because it has both power and simplicity. This new version is no different. They managed to keep all of MindNode’s power features while at the same time simplifying their implementation and their look. The application now has some good looking artwork right in the app that adds a visual component to your mind map without looking dopey (like so much clipart does).

The new version also makes it easier to expand and collapse nodes giving your brain different looks of your project and hopefully helping different synapses connect with each other at the same time.

Of course, the application still syncs between your Mac, iPad, and iPhone so you’ll have the ability to add to and modify your mind map from anywhere. 

If you’ve never really tried mind mapping, you should. I find it makes a significant improvement in the quality of projects that I ship. And if you’re interested, there is no better app for getting started than MindNode. Listen to the above linked MPU episode, get a copy of MindNode, and give it a try. Also, I did some videos on the new version for the gang at MindNode to show off the app and its features. It’s almost 50 minutes of video on mind mapping and will help you get started.