The 2018 Emoji

Emoji are increasingly a bigger deal to me. And I say that non-ironically. I recently sent an octogenarian client an email telling her that her corporate minutes were done and she responded by sending me a text message with a smiling face and heart eyes. That was it.

As text messaging and email have taken over for in-person and voice communications, emoji do fill a role to add context to words. I use them a lot more than I used to.

All that said, the people in charge of Emoji have announced 150+ new emoji and Emogipedia made a cool video showing them off. You can probably expect these in the first major update to iOS 12.

Here are my official awards:

  • Favorite overall: Superhero
  • Runner-up for favorite: Pirate Flag
  • Favorite new animal: Llama
  • Favorite new food: Cupcake!
  • Best new emoji for use in emergency situation: Toilet Paper
  • Social Justice Award: Red Hair
  • Most awkwardly familiar: White Hair
  • Happiest new Emoji: Partying Face
  • Most likely to be misused: Bone