1Password for Mac Version 7 Beta

I’ve been running the beta of the new 1Password app for Mac for a while now, and I’d recommend it for any 1Password subscribers.


It’s hard to believe 1Password is up to version 7, but they are, and the new version adds a lot of new features. There’s a better sidebar, and there is now drag-and-drop so you can easily move items between vaults (or even share an item from the sidebar).

Tags also get better with the new ability to nest tags. I’ve started tagging passwords as we worth the family vault and it’s helping. Occasionally you may need to see a 1Password item entry while doing something on your Mac and discover the data gets covered up by other windows. They’ve fixed that now with the ability to pop out a window containing the password field, so it’s always on top.

1Password version 7 also makes changes to the typography. They’ve created their own font and added the ability to use rich text in the application’s text fields. There’s a whole lot more including a lot of under the hood work to make the application faster and more efficient. 

I’m usually leery to install the first beta of key software, but I’ve been running this beta now for a week and had no problems. One password has a post that describes all of the new changes and you can download the beta right there if you are feeling brave.