iOS 12 Concepts

Last week, 9to5Mac Linked the iOS 12 concepts from While I’m not usually very interested in these alternate reality concepts, I do like a few of their ideas.

Nameless Apps

They mocked up a home screen with no app names, and it looked so much better than a home screen with app names. When is the last time you actually read the name of an app on your home screen? I honestly can’t remember ever doing so.

Information Dense Lock Screen

I also like their mock-up of a lock screen that lets you pull down for weather, although I’d let the user decide which today view information a pull-down gets you. (I’d probably use it for OmniFocus or Fantastical.) Of course, there would be security concerns, but it could be user choice like other lock screen information.

June and WWDC (the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) isn’t far away, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for Apple doing either of these things.