The Sweet Setup Day One Course

I’ve written so often that I don’t have a single unpublished thought that now it’s become a bit. Well, that sentiment isn’t actually true.

For some time I’ve kept a journal and this year I’ve really tried to ratchet it up. In January I purchased a year subscription to Day One‘s cloud service and while some days I do better than others at it, I’m regularly adding entries to my own private diary. I’ve found the practice beneficial, even knowing I’ll never share any of the contents with anyone else. If you are interested in this, I think Day One is the obvious choice for a digital diary. It’s a powerful app but also accessible and fun to use. And it’s also not just for personal diaries. People are finding all sorts of ways to use it.

Shawn Blanc has a new video product that shows you how to get the most from Day One. It just releasd today and has an introductory discount so if you’re interested, check it out.