New Podcast: Automators

I’m pleased to announce today the launch of a new podcast I’ll be making with my pal Rosemary Orchard. The show is called Automators, and it’s all about, as the name implies, Automation.

Specifically, this show will pick one particular Automation subject and drill deep on it. The goal is to give ordinary users automation super-powers, and I’m so happy to finally share it with you. 

Like Mac Power Users, this show is meant to provide listeners with a lot of signal and very little noise. We’ve got a website, Automators.FM, where you’ll be able to download the automation scripts we cover in each episode, a Forum where you can discuss and share your own Automation workflows, and a YouTube Channel where we’ll post related video screencasts when we have them. We’ll also be releasing scripts and tutorials with each episode. We want to make this easy for you.

The Automators aims at being a 30-45 minute show, and it will release every two weeks. We’re releasing the show on Fridays with the idea it will give you a fun weekend project with every episode. If you like Mac Power Users, I think you’ll like Automators. The two shows are incredibly complimentary of one another. You can subscribe right now to episode 0 and episode 1 drops this Friday. It is all about automating calendar events and it’s both geeky and wicked useful. I hope you’ll give the Automators a try.

For fun, we recorded Episode 0 memojified below. Please subscribe to the new show and, if you like it, check out the website, forum, YouTube channel, and leave an iTunes review so listeners can find us.