Automators 4 – First Looks at Siri Shortcuts

Today we released episode 4 of the Automators, focused on the new Siri Shortcuts app and related automated tools. It’s still in beta, but it is really powerful. 
This show goes through the history of automation on iOS and looks at things like URL Schemes in depth before moving on to Workflow and why it’s so powerful. Finally, we go through the beta implementation of Siri Shortcuts and look at where it improves on Siri Shortcuts and where it feels more like a step backward.

I believe Siri Shortcuts is going to open up automation for a lot of people that have never tried it before.

We’ll be sharing lots of Siri Shortcuts once it ships so get on board now.

Also, haven’t been reading the episode notes for the Automators episodes in your podcast player of choice, you really should.