Automators 10: Web-Based Automation with Zapier

Today we release episode 10 of the Automators (Double Digits!), where venture into the brave new world of web automation. We start with grand-daddy, Zapier. We begin comparing and contrasting Zapier with other web automation services, like IFTTT and Microsoft Flow.

Did you know you can combine Zapier with Siri Shortcuts? We tell you how. 

Next Rose explains some of the Zapier recipes we use to automate the production of Automators. (Of course … we do that.)

This show is sponsored by TextExpander, which we both love very much.

Next I explain some basics about triggers and actions. We know this comes up often in automation, but Zapier has it’s own unique snowflake way of covering that, so we explain it. Eventually, we get to Zap organization, which makes Rose very happy.

I use Zapier a lot on the legal side. I use a lot of web services and Zapier lets me tie them together, particularly with client on-boarding. I explain my ongoing journey in that regard.

There are a few caveats, but we are both subscribers and Zapier believers.

Zapier makes you happier.

Want to see all the Automator production Zaps? Just download this PDF.