The Focused Podcast

Today marks the release of the Focused Podcast (formerly Free Agents). The Free Agents has had a great run but Mike and I discovered that we were increasingly talking about productivity and increasingly our audience included people more interesested in productivity than free agency. So we shifted the show and now it’s call Focused. The subtitle, “Life is about more than cranking widgets”, really means something to me.

So much of the talk about being productive is about life hacks and dumb nonsense like “5 ways to become more productive in 3 minutes”. Focused isn’t like that. Mike and I don’t have all the answers. Instead, we are more like motivated fellow travelers. We’ll be bringing research and knowledge of our own personal successes and failures. We’ll also be bringing in interesting guests to help everyone along. Today the first episode released. We’ve already got several more in production. If you never listened to Free Agents because that was not your thing, I’d encourage you to give Focused a try. I’m really proud of it. Also, just look at that gorgeous artwork.