GoodNotes and Planner Forms

Daily Diary.jpg

During Mac Power Users episode 472 (releasing later today), I talked through my spirit quest to figure out analog versus digital planner tools. I’ve been building digital planner sheets in OmniGraffle for use in GoodNotes. When exported from OmniGraffle as PDF’s these forms import into GoodNotes easily. I initially went a little nuts with this projet and made several more forms than I actually ended up using. I’m sharing them all anyway. Here are links to the PDF files.

Once you fill out the forms in GoodNotes, it is easy to export them to Apple Notes, Day One, or anywhere else. This is definitely a work in progress but give them a try, listen to me talk about them on MPU 472 (with a secret guest), and feel free to make adjustments to make them work for you.