MindNode 6 Released with Focus Mode and Additional New Features

MindNode, my mind mapping app of choice, continues to iterate and improve with the recent release of version 6. This new version features a “Focus Mode” that lets you focus on one section of your map while removing the rest. It’s an excellent way to minimize distractions when you are drilling in on a small part of your map.

For iOS, they have added the ability to select multiple objects. Anytime you can add more power to the iPad version, I’m happy. (I do most of my mind mapping on the iPad.) Another nice addition on iOS is external screen support. A helpful refinement with this external support is the ability to lock that view, which can make a lot of sense when sharing a map with a group of people.

There are additional features such as sticker search, customizable panels on IOS, Chinese localization, and better keyboard shortcuts, but, in all honesty, they had me with Focus Mode.

This new version is a free update to MindNode 5 customers.