Pixelmator Photo for iPad


Pixelmator Photo
, the latest application from Pixelmator, is out. This iPad-only application is a powerful photo editor that allows you to manage and edit RAW images right on your iPad. Like other Pixelmator products, Pixelmator Photo includes tools to make one-tap improvements to your photos and more precise tools to make adjustments to individual attributes of your photos.

Pixelmator’s something extra is the inclusion of machine learning based photo editing. The application has a machine-learning enhancement that allows you to fix your image with the touch of a button. Pixelmator has now fed their algorithm over 20 million professional photos. More often than not, the machine-learning enhancements are better than my own attempts to tweak a photo with the precision tools. I had never seen the ability to use machine learning to crop your images. If you didn’t take the time to frame your image correctly before, now you can let the robots do it for you. This works better than you think it would.

The application also ships with a collection of hand-built presets. These allow you to apply several black-and-white and color filters to your images. 

Most impressive about the new application is the repair tool. If you have something on your image you want to remove, swipe the repair tool over it, and Pixelmator fixes it for you. What makes this interesting is the breadth of the repair tool. Watch this video to see what I mean.

Pixelmator Photo sells for $5 but has an introductory price of $4. If you want to edit photos on the iPad, this is worth it.