Timing App Screencast Series

I believe in time tracking as a productivity tool. I have talked about it on several podcasts over the years, and while I think getting a report of how you actually use your time can be an incredible benefit, I also understand why so few people do it. 

It is a complete pain in the neck to track your time manually. That is one of the reasons I have always liked the Timing application for Mac. It tracks your time automatically and gives you very precise data about what you did on your Mac and when you did it.

The Timing developer asked me to prepare a series of screencasts to explain how the app works. Consider the screencasts a small Timing Field Guide. If you have ever been curious about Timing and the concept of time tracking, check out the screencasts to help you decide if Timing is for you. The first screencasts are linked below. You can watch the rest of them at the developer’s website.