Ten Years of Mac Power Users

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This month marks ten years of the Mac Power Users. It is hard to believe it’s been that long because it seems like it was just yesterday that I was on the phone with Katie hashing out show concepts and planning.

The show started independent, then went on one network, then on to another network. We have now had three hosts, a lot of guests, and many good times. As I write this, we’ve released 482 episodes (483 is already in the can). That is something like 723 hours of nerdy podcasting. If you listened to the back catalog non-stop, it would take you 30 days.

Time flies. Since the show premiered, the iPhone became a big thing, and the iPad became a thing. Apple changed, for the better in some ways and for the worse in other ways.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is how much I enjoy coming up with ideas for the show, putting shows together, working with guests, and, most of all, sitting behind that mic once a week. I love making the Mac Power Users. Thanks to everyone for all of your support.