Drafts, Version 15

Drafts Home Product Image.jpg

The new version of Drafts for iOS and iPad OS is really nice. It adds a lot of new features:

  • Rewritten main user interface and gesture interface.

  • Support for multiple windows (iPadOS 13 only).

  • Edit actions in separate window.

  • Live Markdown previews in a separate window.

  • Automatic dark and light mode switching (iOS 13 only).

  • Contextual menus where appropriate throughout the app (iOS 13 only).

  • New Quick Capture action extension.

  • Live Markdown previews (iPadOS 13 only).

  • Support for new iOS 13 font selection panels.

The Shortcuts support is extensive with many new actions. I’m sure there was a ton of work in all these changes. As a subscriber, I’m definitely getting a bang for my buck.