Hello, New Mac Pro

The New Mac Pro is now available for sale, and it’s a beast. I think it’s prettier on the inside than the outside. Granted, this computer is for a tiny population of power users (I am not one of them), but I’m thrilled that Apple once again has something at the very top end. Marques Brownlee has had one for a few weeks and has some initial thoughts below.

For fun, you can now go to the Apple online store and price one out. They even have a rack mount version coming soon. Again, remember this computer is probably not for you. It’s made for folks that push it to the limit. For those folks, the benchmarks on this new Mac are amazing. When I was at WWDC, I spoke with an Apple rep that is a former Pixar employee. He had the entire set for Toy Story 4 loaded in a single Mac Pro. I remember my question to him, “Isn’t that something that you’d need a fleet of computers for?” His answer, “Until now.”

My congratulations to Apple for making the necessary course corrections to make this happen.