Stephen Hackett’s iPad Keynote Commentary

I really enjoyed watching Stephen Hacket re-watch the original iPad announcement 10 years ago. We’ve got a bunch of iPad-related ten year anniversaries coming up. If you could track my enthusiasm about iPad over the 10 years, it looks something like this:

Sparky's iPad Journey.png

I was super excited at the beginning but my enthusiasm wained in those middle years when Apple didn’t seem interested in making the iPad anything more than a big iPhone. Lately, however, that interest is on the rise again. Outstanding hardware and better software are the source of my hope. I think the next few years will be interesting for the iPad. Will Apple continue to press down on the gas and get the enthusiasm of power users? I suspect they will. The iPhone is no longer the profit rocket ship it once was and making a more compelling case for the iPad should be low hanging fruit for Apple. I think we’ll get our first clue as to whether this is the case in June at at WWDC 2020. Either way, I hope you enjoy Stephen’s video below and happy 10th iPad.