MindNode 7 Released


MindNode, my favorite mind mapping app, recently released version 7. The new version adds visual tags to your maps with colored dots you can drop in at the end of nodes. It gives you one more visual tool for mind mapping, and their uses go as far as your imagination. I’ve been using them to represent progress as I work through the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide update nodes. The tags work on both iOS and Mac platforms and they are an excellent addition.

The app also still has that clean design that I love and the ability to jump between mind maps and outlines in the application.

MindNode has also shifted the business model to a subscription pricing plan to help support future development. ($2.49/month or $19.99/year) Even though they’ve made this move, they are making the new update with visual tags a free upgrade to existing MindNode 5 and 6 customers. When I first got into mind mapping, the software was hundreds of dollars and couldn’t hold a candle to MindNode. I use MindNode nearly every day, so the $20 per year price tag is an easy decision for me.