The Archive for Plain Text with Panache (Sponsor)

This week, MacSparky has a new sponsor, The Archive. I’ve made no secret of my love for plain text files over the years. Plain text is universal, portable, and the most likely format for your words that computers will still recognize in 100 years. The problem with plain text apps, however, is that they are just so … plain.

The Archive is the plain text app that changes that. The Archive has beautiful themes while also providing Markdown syntax highlighting. As the name implies, The Archive is a note taking app with easy storage so you can organize your notes how you want and write in a beautiful editor environment that doesn’t get in the way. And best of all, all of your data is, ultimately, plain text and absolutely portable.

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 15.58.55.png

In addition to storing notes, The Archive facilitates creative work with your notes through cross-connections, clickable links and hashtags. You can start feeding your storage with ideas, and then build a second brain to help with your thinking in the long term.

The Archive turns two years old this week and is being used for everything from taking college lecture notes to writing books and mapping complex fields of knowledge. The dedicated community even produced a ton of custom Keyboard Maestro macros to add even more features to the workflow. All thanks to the open nature of The Archive and the plain text storage!

So my congratulations to The Archive for its first two years and my thanks for sponsoring MacSparky this week. Go check out The Archive.