Flattening the Curve

MacSparky isn’t going to be your destination site for Covid-19 information. However, as California starts buckling down and my family shutter ourselves in to help slow down this disease, there is one graph I wanted to share. 


You can learn more about how this works at Vox. I know there are a lot of folks out there who are young and healthy and for whom this disease doesn’t pose a mortal threat. However, there are others in our society for which it does. If we continue business as usual, the infection rate is going to spike and some people are going to die simply because there are not hospital beds and ventilators for them. If we can slow it down, they live. It is that simple

If everyone can avoid big social gatherings and stay home, we can save lives. As a good friend told me yesterday, “Hug with your eyes, not your hands.”