Panzarino on the New iPad Magic Keyboard

High praise from Matt:

The Magic Keyboard offers a lovely, backlit deck that holds its own against the 16” MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air for best portable keyboards. The key travel is excellent — in between the two laptops in my opinion — and the feel is tight, responsive and precise. This is a first class typing experience, full stop.

In summary, it sounds like Apple made the right design decisions. Weight and stability over lightness and the wobblies. Still, this new very heavy keyboard makes a 12.9” iPad with an attached keyboard about the same weight as a MacBook Air.

Now that Apple seems to be pushing down on the gas to make the iPad a legitimate laptop replacement, they need to add a second camera along the side (so it is on top when in landscape attached to this keyboard).

I ordered one for my 12.9” iPad Pro, and it’s on the way. I’ve been using the big iPad a lot since being housebound and I can’t wait to gives it a spin.