Day One, Version 5

Day One.png

Yesterday marked the release of Day One, version 5. There are several new features of note:

The Today View

Previously called the Activity Feed, the new Today View ties in other data available to Day One, like location data, calendar events, and daily photos. If you tap on a calendar event, it opens a new entry with that event title as the Day One entry title. Clever.

PDF Export

The PDF Export feature has a lot more options than it used to. You can export out of a specific journal but only entries with one tag, but no entries with a different tag. Want to export as CSV? It does that now too. It opens up data export.

The Media Picker

Getting photos and videos into your journal just got easier.

They’ve also added Sign in with Apple, greatly simplifying sign in on your devices. I’m testing out several journaling workflows right now, and this update came just as I’m testing out Day One in earnest—more on this to come.