The Great USB Adapter Purge of 2020

At the new Apple Watch event last week, we got Apple’s first explanation of why they aren’t shipping USB power adapters. The reason, not surprisingly, is to protect the environment. The presentation had a surprising statistic (to me, at least) that removing the USB adapters from the watches and other work with their manufacturing partners reduces the carbon footprint by the equivalent of 50,000 cars.

The next penny to drop will be the new iPhone. If the watch is worth 50,000 cars, how many cars do you expect for the iPhone? It will be lots. I’ve written about this before. My initial thought was that Apple would also offer an easy way to get a free USB power adapter for those who need it. Now I’m wondering if they will go that far. So far, I haven’t seen a lot of negative feedback about this decision on the watch.

Maybe I’m too sensitive about the Apple-is-a-bunch-of-cheap-bastards line of thought, but I feel like with an iPhone announcement without an easy way to get a power adapter, if needed, we are going to see that argument used a lot next month.