MindNode Update for iOS 14

Pointer Context Menu 2.png

MindNode, my mind mapping app of choice, got a nice update for iOS 14. The new update adds widgets to give you quick access to your maps from your Home Screen. I primarily use MindNode on my iPad, and looking at this new widget, I really wish Apple would open the iPad Home Screen up for more widgets. The good news is that the MindNode will also be coming to Big Sur.

The new version also supports the magic keyboard with some innovative features like pointer gestures. You can Shift + Drag to connect nodes and Option + Click to create new nodes. This all dramatically speeds up the process. They’ve also added a context menu for notes, connections, and images. Finally, MindNode also has scribble support so you can add titles and connections with your Apple Pencil.

The reason I use MindNode is that because the work I do in the app is inherently creative. It’s a time when the very last thing I need is the software to get fiddly with me. I want to create and connect nodes with zero friction. MindNode has always understood that, and this update is right in line with that purpose.