More Apple TV+


Today Apple announced some subscribers are getting an extension to their free AppleTV+ subscriptions through February 2021. I’m sure this is at least partly because the shows that we expected to be dropping another season right now are delayed due to … well … everything.

I got more enjoyment out of Apple TV+ in its first year than I expected. Winners for me were Then Morning Show, Dickenson, little america, Mythic Quest, For All Mankind, and Greyhound.

That was a lot of TV for me. My biggest disappointment was Amazing Stories. I enjoyed that show back in its first run many years ago, but it just didn’t land with me.

My biggest surprise this year was Ted Lasso. We’re all trying to get through this pandemic. (My wife is now officially a casualty of the Disney lay-offs.) Watching Ted Lasso with the family every week was indeed a highlight and a break from all of that. If you have Apple TV+ and haven’t watched that one yet, you are in for a treat.

Regardless, I think Apple did better at making content in their first year than I expected. As someone who thinks about Apple a lot, I didn’t watch the shows out of some loyalty to the Finder, but instead because they were good shows. I’d always forget I was even watching Apple’s produced shows until a Mac or an iPhone prominently appeared, which did occasionally happen.

Apple is smart to extend the trial a bit longer, given things. When we get to February, and they can release more content, the case for renewal will be easier.