Being Thankful on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Growing up, I thought of Thanksgiving as a way to get out of school for a few days and eat copious amounts of turkey, but as I get older, the thankfulness bit has taken the front row seat.

A few years ago, I started the practice of writing down one thing I was grateful for every day. It is one of the first things I do every morning, and I find it helps me get the day started right. This isn’t just a bunch of California granola-eating nonsense. Science supports me on this. I try to make it something different every day, making it kind of fun to find new things that delight me. You could record your daily gratitude on your calendar, in a journal, or even just a plain text file. I’ll be going over the details of how I do it in tomorrow’s newsletter.

It’s been a tough year, and you may be thinking that, of all the years, 2020 is the last one in which you should be practicing gratitude. I’d reply that because it is 2020, you need a gratitude practice now more than ever.