Hazel 5 and the Next Hazel Field Guide

Hazel Icon 2020

With the release of Big Sur, Paul Kim released a brand new version of Hazel. Version 5 adds several new features. Just a few of them include:

  • Support for macOS Big Sur.

  • A standalone app form factor instead of a preference pane.

  • A pile of UI improvements making creating and organizing rules easier and better.

  • Way better match text tools

If you purchased Hazel 4 anytime during 2020, you can upgrade for free. Otherwise, the upgrade is $20. I paid immediately. I’ve received a lot of email about the Hazel Field Guide. With this new interface and toolset, I will be making a second edition Hazel Field Guide in early 2021. It will be a new purchase but have an upgrade price for prior customers. Stay tuned.