Thanks, and a Field Guide Discount

I’m now approaching two years since I threw my law practice shingle into the wood chipper. I could not be happier. David Foster Wallace once started a speech talking about some goldfish.

“Two young fish are asked by an older fish, “How’s the water?” and one young fish turns to the other and says, “what the hell is water?”

In my case, I didn’t realize how stressful the legal practice was until I got out of the water. Your support made that possible. Thank you.

Also, I’m running a short-time discount on all Field Guides. 20% off everything with the code “TURKEY1983”. Newsletter subscribers learned about this a few days ago.

Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad Field Guide Free Update

I’m happy to announce that all of the iOS 15 updated videos are now in the Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad Field Guide. The update includes 13 new videos and multiple new Shortcuts. If you already own the course, just log in, and you’ll see the new iOS 15 materials in the course – anything with a (15) in the name. I’ve also grouped all the iOS 15 materials together near the bottom of the course. This is the third major free update to the course. Hooray!

You can check out the course right here, and for a short time, I’m offering a $5 discount to celebrate the update.

Shortcuts for Mac Webinar Series

We just wrapped up the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide initial webinar series. All the recordings and shortcuts are now uploaded and available in the course curriculum. That’s another five-and-a-half hours of content and 31 new shortcuts.

I plan to continue with more Shortcuts for Mac webinars over time. Future topics will include additional features with macOS Ventura updates and third-party app support. I expect we will see a lot of interesting third-party app support for Shortcuts over the next year.

The Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide Plus Edition Webinar Series

For those of you that purchased the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide Plus Edition, the second session of the webinar series is this Friday at 4:00 p.m. Pacific. This one was timed to make it easier for customers in Asia.

For a variety of reasons, I’ve changed vendors following the first session. If you already signed up in WebinarJam, you’ll need to sign up again with the new link. I sent the link out via email to all Plus Edition customers. If you didn’t get your email, just log into the course and at the very top you’ll find the new link. I’ve also already posted the recording from the first session there. See your Friday.

Shortcuts for Mac Webinar Series

I’m starting a five-part webinar series this Friday for the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide, Plus Edition customers. If you signed up for that course you should have received an email with a sign-up link. I’ve also added the sign-up link to the course under the “Shortcuts Webinars” Section. Let me know if you have any problems.

The Webinars will be new materials on Shortcuts for Mac. All of the webinars will be edited and added to the course. So if you can’t make the webinars, you’ll still get all the content as part of the Shortcuts For Mac Field Guide, Plus Edition content.

Announcing the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide

I’m so happy to announce the release of the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide. (Standard Edition) (Plus Edition) I first started production on this Field Guide last August, and it is now ready for the world.

There are 132+ lovingly crafted screencasts totaling over 8.5 hours of content. Where appropriate, the tutorials also include downloadable Shortcuts that you can install and run alongside the video.

This Field Guide is releasing with two different versions. The standard version includes all the 132+ videos, 8.5 hours of content, and downloadable shortcuts. There is also a “Plus Edition” that includes everything in the standard version and an extended webinar series on Shortcuts just for Plus Edition customers. The webinars (there will be hours of them) will also get added as downloadable videos to the Plus Edition of the Shortcuts Field Guide.

You can buy it now and, for a short time, there is a launch discount.

The Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide is normally $49, but on sale for $44.

The Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide Plus Edition is normally $99, but on sale for $89.

I believe Apple when they say they view Shortcuts as the future of automation, and the good news is Shortcuts is the most accessible automation platform Apple has ever shipped. I spent a lot of time building this course, and I’m thrilled to now be sharing it with you.

Here are the links:

The Shortcuts for Mac Standard Edition

The Shortcuts for Mac Plus Edition

Keyboard Maestro 10.1

This week we got another nice update from Keyboard Maestro. This update includes a ton of new support for Shortcuts integration on the Mac. I’m so happy to see Keyboard Maestro setting itself up to be a platform where you can use it’s already powerful automation alongside anything Apple adds to Shortcuts.

I’m in the midst of building an update to the Keyboard Shortcuts Field Guide. This new Shortcuts integration just got added to the menu. You can read more about the update at the Keyboard Maestro website.

Early Access for the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide (MacSparky Labs)

I’m happy to announce the early release of the Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide for MacSparky Labs Early Access members only. With Early Access, you get to see the Field Guide as it works through the final stages of getting built and prepared for release… This is a post for MacSparky Labs Level 3 (Early Access) Members only. Care to join? Or perhaps do you need to sign in?

The MacSparky Field Guide Referral Program

I’m pleased to announce the opening of the MacSparky Field Guide referral program. Over the years I’ve heard from many customers who bought a Field Guide and then recommended it to a friend. I’ve always wanted a way to give back a little for those referrals, and now such a way exists.

I call it “Give 15%, Get 15%.” If you refer a Field Guide to a friend, they get 15% off for your referral. Once they purchase you in turn get a 15% referral credit that you can use on a Field Guide purchase for yourself.

To use this feature, click on “Refer a Friend” under your account setting while logged in. This will take you to a page with a unique referral link. Send that link to your friend, and they’ll get 15% off, and so will you when they purchase.