Announcing the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide 2024 Update and Discount

I am happy to announce an update to my Keyboard Maestro Field Guide. It includes 16 new videos covering many new features added with recent updates, including version 11.

To celebrate this update release, I’ve got a limited-time 20% discount on the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide. Use HOORAYKM11 at checkout for 20% off.

Moreover, I’ve spoken with the gang over at Keyboard Maestro and they are also offering a discount on Keyboard Maestro. For a limited time, you can get 10% off a Keyboard Maestro license with code “KMFG”.


Your pal, David

P.S. Here’s what people are saying about the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide:

As a Mac nerd, Keyboard Maestro is an indispensable app. There are so many helpful, powerful, and fun things you can do with it. David, as usual, does an excellent job at showing you how to use this app to change your life.

— Shawn Blanc, Founder The Sweet Setup

The Keyboard Maestro Field Guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to take their Mac productivity up a notch. David Sparks does a fantastic job of making Keyboard Maestro highly accessible to new users while also providing clever use cases to delight even the most experienced users.

— Tim Stringer, Founder, Technically Simple

Keyboard Maestro is a popular automation tool for the Mac that has a long list of different functionalities, all based around automating different tasks. It takes a simple approach based on triggers and actions, which means you don’t need any scripting or programming knowledge to use it.

The new Keyboard Maestro Field Guide from David Sparks is designed to help you master the app…. The Field guide is completely self-paced, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own speed.

— Chance Miller, writer,

Keyboard Maestro 11 and a Field Guide Update

This week saw the release of Keyboard Maestro Version 11. Yes, it now goes to 11.

New features include a New Macro Wizard, a new Security preference pane, a command line tool, support for Apple Text Recognition, and new actions like Prompt for Snippet, Create Calendar Event, Send Pushover Notification, Select Menu by Name, and many more. (Read the full release notes.)

I’m enjoying the new version and am working on a free update to the course with a series of videos showing off the new features. I don’t want to give a release date just yet, but it will be a little while as I’m in the middle of another project, but there is a free update is on its way for the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide.

AppleScript to Toggle Desktop Widgets

I’m a fan of the new Sonoma Desktop Widgets. However, I also make a living making screencasts and having all those widgets on screen can sometimes be a pain. There is a setting you can toggle under the Desktop & Dock settings:

The problem with this, of course, is that it’s a pain in the neck to get there. Who wants to do all that mousing and clicking? I wanted to automate this button so I can run a script that sets me up for screencasting and, among other things, turns off Desktop Widgets. So here’s a script that does just that. This was built with help from the AppleScript Sensei himself, Sal Soghoian. Below is a link to the zipped script file, as well as the script in plain text. I run it as part of a Keyboard Maestro macro that I’ve tied to a keyboard trigger. Enjoy.

tell application "System Settings"
	reveal anchor "Widgets" of pane id ""

		set currentPane to get current pane
		if currentPane is pane id "" then
			exit repeat
			delay 1
		end if
	end repeat
end tell

delay 1

tell application "System Events"
	tell process "System Settings"
		set targetControl to checkbox "Show Widgets" of group 6 of scroll area 1 of group 1 of group 2 of splitter group 1 of group 1 of window 1
		click targetControl
	end tell
end tell

tell application "System Settings" to quit

Automating Loading Remote Content in Apple Mail with Keyboard Maestro (MacSparky Labs)

There is a new feature in Apple Mail that holds off on loading remote content in new mail messages until you push a button. While I like the feature, it gets annoying when you have to mouse over to click it while your hands are happily parked on the keyboard …

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Using AppleScript to Open a Specific Mailbox in Apple Mail (MacSparky Labs)

Shortcuts for iOS 16 is adding a feature that lets you open a specific Mailbox in Apple Mail on your iPhone or iPad. Shortcuts for Ventura, however, doesn’t have that function. What gives? Never fear. Sparky figured out a way to duplicate the feature using AppleScript…

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Keyboard Maestro 10.1

This week we got another nice update from Keyboard Maestro. This update includes a ton of new support for Shortcuts integration on the Mac. I’m so happy to see Keyboard Maestro setting itself up to be a platform where you can use it’s already powerful automation alongside anything Apple adds to Shortcuts.

I’m in the midst of building an update to the Keyboard Shortcuts Field Guide. This new Shortcuts integration just got added to the menu. You can read more about the update at the Keyboard Maestro website.

Creating OmniFocus Templates with Keyboard Maestro (MacSparky Labs)

For a long time I’ve been adding OmniFocus template projects using Shortcuts. I have a few other automations that involve project creation with Keyboard Maestro, which got me thinking about adding templated OmniFocus projects via Keyboard Maestro…

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