The Next Apple Silicon

Now that the M1 Apple silicon Macs are sinking in, I have been thinking about what Apple will do next. A few weeks ago, Mark Gurman at Bloomberg shared a scoop that Apple is looking to get up to 32 cores in a Mac with Apple silicon and also putting the gas down on their own graphics processors with up to 128 cores.

I’m, frankly, processing just how fast this M1 MacBook is.

If I were in charge, however, what I’d like to see Apple do is the following:

  • M1 — The existing M1 turning mere MacBooks into screamers.

  • M1(B) — This is the chip for the MacBook Pro and iMac, improving the core compute and graphics power of the M1.

  • M1(C) — This is the chip for the iMac Pro and perhaps a high-end MacBook Pro, even faster.

Understand, this is if I was in charge. I would be a little surprised if Apple ends up releasing three iterations of the M1 , and shocked if there were four. But given how far down the trail the Bloomberg article says Apple already is, we may get more flavors of M1 (before it turns into M2) than we thought.

Another consideration is that just because Apple releases a new A-series chip every year, it doesn’t mean they will do the same with the M-Series. They may have the M-Series on something more akin to a two-year cycle, giving them time to build iterations of the chip for the higher-end hardware.

Regardless, Mac enthusiasts have some exciting days ahead.