$20 MagSafe Charging Stand

With CES this month, many companies have announced new MagSafe accessories on the way, including several expensive charging stands. I’ve gone a little more budget to solve this problem with this MagSafe charging stand I bought off Amazon for <$20. It’s a bent piece of metal (aluminum?) with a slot cut in the middle and a rubber piece glued on with a perfectly shaped MagSafe charger hole in the middle.

All I had to do was take my existing MagSafe charger, feed the cable through the slot, and press the MagSafe puck into the MagSafe puck-sized hole. It’s no more than a stand for the existing MagSafe charger, but it works great. The magnet in the MagSafe charger is plenty strong to hold the iPhone. It isn’t as elegant as a built-together device in that the cable most definitely does hang out the back.

Regardless, it looks great. It doesn’t cost much, and it’s available now.