FoodNoms: Customized Nutrition Goals Made Easy

I’ve been getting better at food tracking lately. Back when the App Store was new and shiny, there was an initial rush of quality food-tracking apps like Lose It! and MyFitnessPal. The problem is that all of those apps became “platforms”. Things like cross-promotions and upsells just seemed to take over. A few months ago, I went spelunking into the App Store for a better food-tracking app and came back with FoodNoms.

Its clean-looking interface is excellent for tracking food. It also has a few additional features (like intermittent fasting), but all the features are implemented unobtrusively and without feeling creepy. It comes with a decent library of foods, but you can also scan bar codes for additional foods or access the user-submitted library.

This is easily the best food-tracking app I’ve ever used. It has an excellent design, it gives me the tools and food library I need, and it doesn’t make me feel like a product. There is a yearly subscription (currently $30/year), which I gladly paid.

I’m excited to have found a customizable food-tracking app that has all the features I need and doesn’t make me feel like it’s trying too hard. If you’re looking for something new or want some additional help with your diet plan, check out FoodNoms (App Store)(Website).