iOS 14.5 Improvements and Tips

iOS 14.5 is out and it’s a doozy. Here are a few highlights worth your consideration.

  • Make sure to install the accompanying update on your Apple Watch. It is that combination of iPhone and Apple Watch updates that allows you to use the unlock-while-I’m-wearing-a-mask mode. You’ll also need to go on your iPhone to Settings>FaceID & Passcode and tick the box for Unlock with Apple Watch. (It’s off by default.)

  • The new App Tracking features is a win for consumers. I actually don’t mind some apps tracking me, so long as I get to make the decision. I also find the ad industry’s outrage hilarious. Apple makes its position pretty clear with this video.

  • Siri’s new voices are way better. Go to Settings>Siri & Search>Siri Voices to try them out. Lately, I’m digging American (Voice 1).

  • There isn’t much to report on iPad. I really hope Apple comes loaded for bear at WWDC with new iPad OS features. Right now, iPad OS feels very dated.

If you’d like to learn more about the new updates, I recommend the comprehensive 9to5 Mac video from Jeff Benjamin or Federico Viticci’s detailed write-up.