More Drafts Videos

I recently recorded some additional screencasts on how to get the most from Drafts. It’s a series of three videos digging in on some of my favorite Drafts features:

  1. Automating Email with Drafts digs in deep on writing and sending email. Do you want to avoid the tyranny of your email inbox? Watch this video.

  2. Creating Lists in Drafts walks you through how to use the Drafts Action directory resources to auto-create lists. This is a great introduction to the Action directory. Using the the Drafts action directory is like strapping rocket boots to Drafts.

  3. Finally, Building a Journal System in Drafts goes even deeper into some of Drafts power tools to demonstrate how you can easily build your own digital journal system in tools. This is a 13+ minute video and can teach you about a lot of Drafts tools, even if you aren’t intending to build a journal system.

You can watch all of these now on the Drafts YouTube Channel. I’ve also added them to the free Drafts Field Guide. Enjoy.