PDFpen and PDFpenPro 13


There’s a new update to PDF editing app PDFpen and PDFpenPro. The new version has a new interface and toolbar. You can still add text, images, signatures, highlights, and comments to your PDFs, and make changes, fix typos, fill out forms, and redact sensitive information, but Smile has put out an intuitive new interface, which improves navigating and editing PDFs, with convenient access to essential tools directly from the Toolbar. They’ve also redesigned and improved highlighting, so now you can select and edit custom highlight colors directly from the Toolbar.

One thing that I like about this update is the new MRC compression settings. We get more flexibility in controlling file sizes because we can choose between compression or quality settings and what file size is right for us.

If you have PDFpenPro, Smile has improved the ability to replace Table of Contents entries. With this update, you can re-assign existing entries that have changed, which saves you time and makes documents more professional and navigable. When wearing my lawyer hat, I add table of contents entries for anything that lands in front of a guy wearing a black robe, and that process is easier with this update.